Dr. Vijaykumar Patil

Hindustani Classical Vocalist


Dr. Vijaykumar is a talented vocalist of Kirana Gharana. His mellifluous voice gifted with high range, natural phirat catches the imagination of the listener right from the first note. Under the able guidance of Pt. kaivalyakumar Gurav and late Pt. Sangameshwar Gurav, he has been mastered the intricacies of Kirana Gharana. He has completed Masters in Music from Gangubai Hangal Music University, Mysore and he is a research scholar from Karnataka University, Dharwad. Currently serving as Music Instructor at IIT Dharwad. Apart from Hindustani vocal, he also sings Kannada Ranga Geet, Dasara Pada, Vachana, Marathi Natya Sangeet, and Abhang with equal expertise.

Journey of Music

Dr. Vijaykumar Patil started his performance at early age and soon he won the audience with his melodious and aggressive performance. His hard work and dedication towards music helped him to reach many prestigious concerts like Harivallabh Sangeet Samaroh, Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh, and Savai Gandharva Festival etc… at an earliest.

Guru Parampara

Ut Abdul Karim Khan (1872 -1937)
Ut Abdul Karim Khan
(1872 -1937)
Pt Ganpatrao Gurav (1897-1984)
Pt Ganpatrao Gurav
Pt Sangameshwar Gurav (1931-2014)
Pt Sangameshwar Gurav
Pt kaivalyakumar Gurav (1963)
Pt Kaivalyakumar Gurav
Vijaykumar patil
Dr. Vijaykumar patil

Ganda Bandhan

Along with Dr. Vijaykumar’s hardwork, his guru late Pt.Sangameshwar Gurav and Pt.Kaivalyakumar Gurav have contributed a lot in making him a well versed performer. They have shared their precious knowledge like rare compositions, voice culture, raga presentation skills etc by spending their valuable time with Dr. Vijaykumar.


Dr. Vijaykumar has performed in many prestigious concerts and has been appreciated by the connoisseurs all over the country. He has performed in Harballabh Sangeet Samaroah, Jalandhar; Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh, Varanasi; Swar Vilas Sangeet Sabha, Vadodara; Savai Ghandharv Mahotsav, Kundagol; Yuva Utsav ITC, Mumbai; Dharwad Utsav; Hampi Utsav; Dasara Festival, Mysore; Aradhana Mahotsav, Mantralaya; Daasa Sahitya, Tirupati and many reputed places in India. Apart from India, Dr. Vijaykumar has also performed in many venues of the Middle Eastern countries.

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